No bandwagon travels this route.

This sojourn is your own.

Sea breezes refresh yet sand trails blow about.

The elliptical helix lays a course.Night_Spirograph_by_Colliemom

Few will taste but all who partake savor.

Many called choose no response.

Others claim vicarious sightings while experiential cataract diminishes their view.

Vultures are awaiting sightless prey.


What is your plight?

You need to know.

It will come to pass but may not stop.

Your actions refine your destiny.


Be on your path and see for self.

Your eyes are yours.

Someone else may not see…

Your Life! Your Love! Your Victory!

The Spiritual Path

Cherish your reals… then appreciate those of others’.

Be true to yourself for falsehoods soon fade.

The Divine is The Constant, your life is It’s agent.

There are no mistakes.

Only lessons lived through learning.


The road is made by traveling it.

Intentions become clear.

You are the judge and must test the jury.

You are who you are and the Star of Your Show.

Remember that you did not write the script.

Take a moment to Acknowledge the AUTHOR.


Continue Your Journey.

Worry not of complications.

Divinely led steps are sure, no matter how they feel.

Travel with confidence…that you’re on the Right Track!


Convergent Circularity


“I wish I was who I was when I wished I was who I am”

40 years ago a friend had this phrase posted on the inside of her front door. I have remembered her and it ever since even though I have no idea where she is today nor spoken to her in decades.

This morning I awoke with the Jimi Hendrix version of All Along the Watchtower running through my mind. It, like my friend’s door quote, induced reflection. Remembering the past is pleasant for me but I cherish today and don’t long for its predecessors. I remind myself to appreciate who I AM right now and that I AM a compilation of past experiences, present endeavors, and current aspirations. I recognize that it all may change by tomorrow. So what do I do?

I maintain my fighting posture… It allows me to embrace what I am presented with that appeals to me and repel what approaches me that is distasteful. It allows me to move through LIFE!

fighting stance

Do not think that this posture presents a “joy ride”. It is solitary which can become lonely. It is solemn which can become sad. It is deliberate which can become burdensome. But it is LIBERATING because it is my Divinely Inspired Journey on The Path. I recognize that I AM the star of my show and I acknowledge that I do not write the script. Throughout this journey I AM sustained by MOMENTS of BLISS and OUNCES of FAITH!

A blog post such as this emerges with they coincide. I continue the sojourn and I AM THANKFUL!

Be Here …Be Happy


Just want to say “Hi”.

We are approaching the threshold of another year. Let’s take a moment to GIVE THANKS & BE HAPPY! Sure, we’ve faced adversities but we have also been showered in blessings. We are older today than we have ever been while at the same time we are younger than we will ever be. This LIFE IS NOW! We must remind ourselves to ENJOY IT. Yesterday was… Tomorrow may be … TODAY IS!

The Best Way to Prepare for Tomorrow is to


Anticipate a GLORIOUS New Year!


Just saying “Hi”.

IS too…


I have got lost in the city of love,
I am being cleansed, withdrawing myself from my head, hands and feet.
I have got rid of my ego, and have attained my goal.
Thus it has all ended well.
O Bullah, the Lord pervades both the worlds;
None now appears a stranger to me.

By: Bulleh Shah (r.a)

…and The Sojourn Continues

at hand

There is a fire within that helps me clarify, transform, and transition.

Such internal work is tedious and time consuming

but ultimately worthwhile.

One writer described it as a struggle

I don’t feel it this way!

My process is much less dichotomous.

I AM in the midst of navigating serial continua …not extremes. My thinking is not oppositional.

This effort is not about elimination. It is about reconciliation… arriving at new definitions and balance.

The EGO IS being suppressed as The SPIRIT IS being enhanced.

Thus the Emerging Entity IS…


Incha’Allah What I Become.

I realize now that the creation of “2 Sides Same Coin” signaled the beginning of this post-transformational phase.  Looking back, I recognize that I had resided in my cocoon for a long time before the blog emerged.  As the caterpillar is unaware of its butterfly future, I did not know how I would grow or change.  As I evolved through the dissolution and transformation process,  I conceptualized the outcome as That Nothing. I now know that That Nothing was not to be an end.  That Nothing was to be a new beginning.  It presented my essence to a post-transformational stage…


I AM still in-process…

WE ARE getting closer!

…from in the inside

When I say that I aspire to be That Nothing some listeners do not understand.  Many conclude that I have given up. Others think that I want to leave this plane or no longer have interest in shaping my world. None of these is correct. I AM just in the midst of a self-transformation and That Nothing is the desired outcome.

Although some enlightened ones have advised me otherwise, I still everyone want to grasp the meaning of what I say. I AM, after all, one among them. The following is yet another attempt to elucidate That Nothing. It really is not so complicated.

I want to be That Nothing referenced in a previous post. I want to be able to sit with The Divine and not be troubled by the affairs of man while maintaining my connections.  I AM routinely informed THAT NOTHING sits with The Divine, aloof from yet still engaged with man. I say “OK, I want to be That Nothing!”  That Nothing is very simple yet extremely important. Consider this example…

Thirty spokes converge upon a single hub;

It is on the hole in the center that the use of the cart hinges.

We make a vessel from a lump of clay;

It is the empty space within the vessel that makes it useful.

We make doors and windows for a room;

But it is these empty spaces that make the room livable.

Thus, while the tangible has advantages,

It is the intangible that makes it useful.

Tao The Ching 11

Too often in life people are consumed by the quest to acquire something.  They are drawn to others in that quest allow themselves to become commodities that are exhausted in the process.  People hurt themselves and others while acquiring something.  Is there a struggle to acquire Nothing?

Once in the process of pursuit man is often thoughtless and even careless regarding all else. Many argue that the end justifies the means. Is there really an end? So-called accidents happen in the process that have destructive consequences. What are the consequences when Nothing is destroyed?

A vacuum can become filled with anything. Quality is not an issue. That Nothing is not a vacuum. That Nothing is already full with the essence of the transformation. That Nothing IS of lasting and intrinsic value.

The vessel, the form I AM assumes, will change but the essence of what I AM IS remains constant.  I AM the essence of That Nothing I aspire to become.

I AM what I AM and incha’Allah WILL BE That Nothing …and maybe that IS EVERYTHING?

Please Be Patient!

I intend to keep you abreast of this evolution in process.

Let’s talk soon.

edge of a dream

Lately I have been encouraging friends to journey toward the edge of their dreams. The phrase comes to me from an old Minnie Ripperton song, but it has contemporary implications.  We can experience amazing phenomena at the edges of dreams.  These are the places from which we are able to glimpse paradise and conceive new realities. These glimpses present glorious opportunities as we sojourn on The Path.

We’ve discussed “Living the Dream” and considered “Expecting a Miracle.”  Edge of a Dream takes our journey a little further. This phase begins with the yet to be conceived. It can be a little unsettling and we may feel unsteady, but the discomfort is so worthwhile.  This is a Faith Walk that can take us beyond anything that we have ever imagined.

Although we continue to function on this plane, managing our day-to-day issues and taking one step at a time, WE ARE, in fact, advancing into previously uncharted territory.  WE ARE moving on faith…faith in ourselves, faith in what we know, and most importantly faith that WE ARE finely tuned, divinely inspired instruments. As we recognize and analyze life experiences and incorporate Lessons Learned we soon accept that WE ARE ready and our world awaits us.

We have practiced our entire lives for this stage.  The weights that we have worn “in training” can now be removed.  Our personal repertoires now include the skills and expertise that we will need for this leg of the journey. WE ARE equipped!  WE ARE superbly prepared! Believe me.  Believe in yourself.

It is normal to have doubts…cast them off. As obstacles are presented…bypass them. When faced with a chasm …build a bridge. When challenged by an enemy…call a friend. When struggling with uncertainty…rely on faith.  When in need of inspiration…look around and glimpse paradise. It is at hand.

We’ll rest when we need to and advance when we want to.  We can enjoy it all. We’ve not come this far to settle for less. The Edge of a Dream is exhilarating. We are ordinary people empowered to do extraordinary things when we believe, conceive, and proceed.  We each have this capacity. Exert it! Faith in Action takes us beyond.

I have been taught that we are “never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true.” Once that wish is clarified we are divinely equipped to realize it if we work for it.

Looking forward to visiting at the next reflecting pond.

Take a few minutes to enjoy Minnie Ripperton’s The Edge of a Dream