Intro to Side One

I decided to re-read some of my posts today. Ended up reading this one – my very first. Provides food for thought…

2 Sides of the Same Coin

After spending most of my adult life in the U.S., I returned to live in Senegal. This is a little bit about the experience.

It is probably best to paint this picture anecdotally. I live in the Village of Camberene II in Dakar, Senegal. It’s a relatively simple place in an ordinary Senegalese neighborhood on the Atlantic Ocean. I am intentionally located away from tourists and the “U.S. expatriate enclave.” My area has all of the pluses and minuses of beach living. It has great sea breezes that cool the house while corroding the autos and appliances. It has the natural background music of the ocean and picturesque sunsets. Surfaces don’t hold paint well because of the moisture which also helps things grow – tropical plants as well as fungi. There is no winter here so there is no such thing as a heating bill. With a 12 month growing…

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