A View from This Side

…sometimes it’s not so easy, especially when your only friend talks, looks, sees, and feels like you and you do the same just like him. – from”My Friend” by Jimi Hendrix


I recently returned from my visit to the other side. Overall it was pleasant but I saw something that wasn’t so good. No matter how hard you try you are really alone. No one has the time for any one else. You must make an appointment to visit a friend. It always a rush to get to the next point so that you can rush to that which follows. No one can keep up with you because no one knows where you going. No one but you has time to be concerned. Lifestyle can inhibit you doing so.

But people on that side have many things. Many cars, many televisions, many jobs, etc. Some have many homes, many titles, many goals, etc. They often have many problems and many ways to escape them.

Like people on this side they only have one life and they must live it well.

So why am I back on this side? Life here is simple though it is not easy. It’s a struggle each day just to make ends meet. I don’t have many of anything. Many is too hard to manage. Much of nothing is hard to contain.

I look at my glass and it is half full. I remember the days when it was half empty. The greedy man can never have enough. I have plenty. My life is filled with others yet I know I take my last breath alone.


This life is precious. Each breath must be cherished. Despite perceived problems we are thankful for each day. ¬†We learn to focus on the good and disregard the bad. It’s only a question of what we choose to view. Take it all in and be selective.

Remember, we always have a choice.