Be Here …Be Happy


Just want to say “Hi”.

We are approaching the threshold of another year. Let’s take a moment to GIVE THANKS & BE HAPPY! Sure, we’ve faced adversities but we have also been showered in blessings. We are older today than we have ever been while at the same time we are younger than we will ever be. This LIFE IS NOW! We must remind ourselves to ENJOY IT. Yesterday was… Tomorrow may be … TODAY IS!

The Best Way to Prepare for Tomorrow is to


Anticipate a GLORIOUS New Year!


Just saying “Hi”.


For a New Tomorrow…



It has been a while since I posted but I have not been asleep
or on vacation. I've been busy. Sometimes it takes a lot of energy to
make ends meet in the Developing World but we are managing!

I want to update you. Our U.S. based not-for-profit organization,
The Council of the Obsidian, Inc. launched Building a New 
Tomorrow in Senegal. It was an Indiegogo Crowd Funding Campaign to allow us 
to complete The Tabax Sube Homecoming and Re-Creation Center in Senegal.

We did not reach the campaign's financial goal but our aspirations have not
been diminished. We intend to continue to work on this project. Eventually, 
it will be finished.

The Council of the Obsidian is not a large organization but it 
has made a difference over the years. It will be 25 years old in 
the spring of 2014. Visit for an overview of its

For The Collective Good,

Tabax Sube