from a simple seed…

And I know this tree!

2 Sides of the Same Coin

Long ago a simple seed was spawned.  Gentle winds carried it not far from the tree that created it.  Before the heavy rains came, it settled in a patch of earth and began to take root. Soon it sprouted, breaking ground and being drawn upward by the rays of the sun.  This is how it began.

Its development suggested promise.  Changing seasons became years and the sapling continued to grow. It was nurtured. Growth spurts were substantial and required that the young tree be moved.  The powers that control such things transplanted it a few times.  The tree’s root system remained intact and so it managed to flourish in each new place.  Adversity came in the form of droughts and floods.  Lightening occasionally altered the angle of its branches.  Periodically it was pruned. Nature took its course.

The maturing tree served many purposes.  On sunny days it provided shade.  During…

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at 3 Score plus 1

I AM frequently asked “What do you do?” I usually hesitate in answering. My hesitation is not because I don’t have an answer. It is because the answer doesn’t fit in a box that most listeners can find. Today, I’m sharing an answer and not concerning myself with the box that can’t contain it.

My life does not have traditional boundaries. I do many things. What are viewed by others as distinct components (work, personal, spiritual, etc.) are seamlessly integrated into a unified activity –  I call Living. It is non-categorical. Living is not always easy but it is ultimately worthwhile. That’s what is important.

My mission is to help people grasp the current situation and begin to shape a desirable future.

It requires that we have:

  • a tangible focal point – family, community center, school, cultural arts program, etc.;
  • a galvanizing issue – public safety, community health, youth development, environmental justice, etc.;
  • an economic incentive – grant award, micro-enterprise fund, sustainable business development;
  • or some combination of the above.

I’ve learned to focus in on human capital development rather than organizational development because people with capacity can build organizations and other vehicles as they need them.  Organizations tend to become static and conservative as they mature but communities and the people within remain dynamic.   I promote investing in people. People with capacity move from place to place and take their skill sets with them.

My efforts help people learn to:

  • assess their situation;
  • clarify what they want to do;
  • structure themselves so that they can proceed;
  • harness the resources necessary;
  • implement their plan;
  • evaluate progress;
  • and design & implement course corrections.

Simultaneously I am a provider and a beneficiary of my services. The world created is the world we live in and that our progeny inherits. I try to be productive and enjoy the process.

That’s my answer …maybe its not supposed to fit in a box at all.

empty boxes

…But It’s Never Too Late

To Make a CHANGE!   2008127 ScrapFX Clock Face Heart One of the great things about This Life is that it is possible to realize the errors of our ways and change them if we want.  It is not always an easy thing to do but it is always worthwhile. Sometimes we will come up with a host of reasons not to change and in many cases we won’t alter our course. When that happens though… it’s because we decided to let it be that way. While we can not alter what has happened we have a lot of influence over how we react to what is happening now.

Change the Past – Not a Chance. Change the Present – Act Now…Don’t Hesitate. Change the Future – ???.

Remember You Are the Star of Your Show but You Didn’t Write the Script.

Always give Credit where Credit is Due and give YOURSELF…

An ornate clock with the words Time to Heal on its face

On the Fast Track… Is That You?

starting blocks

Far too many in my age cohort are so busy making a living that they don’t have time to enjoy a life. This is the reality but they are so engaged in the process that they often don’t recognize it. It’s a race that they’ll never win. Years ago I took a detour from that course so I do not share that reality but I can understand it. We once were on the same path. What I missed is a another story… another blog post. It’s is not necessary now to point out the pitfalls that are routinely endured. HDTV

Contemporary society offers abundance as the means of self-anesthetization. Just about the time that one realizes that a critical component of life is lacking a “cost of living” increase is presented. That new LCD/Plasma HDTV might be just the right attention focus device to keep them going. Perhaps buying another vehicle will be enough to keep them “on the road”. If all else fails popular culture presents yet another option.  It suggests a self-comparison to those “other people” that do know have the wherewithal to even participate in the “fast lane” experience. 


This describes what I’ve learned is a cruel hoax presented in a vicious cycle that has few escapees and even fewer victors. Too many are “in it” and “of it.” …and it’s not their fault. Four decades ago a popular music group released “America Eats Its Young”. It could now be re-released as “America Consumes Its Old”. The beat may be different but the song remains the same.

I once did a lot of alternative youth work. It involved young people across the then socio-economic spectrum. Young audiences were always interested in structuring their world around “making a living”. The crux of my advice was “Make Your Life and You’ll Make Living”. Few of them “got it”. It appears that too many in my age cohort didn’t learn as I did either and were tricked into thinking that the converse was true. They got on the treadmill of Making a Living and never took the time to Make Their Life.treadmill-cartoon-dude_s

Maybe, it’s alright. There may be some truth in “you can’t miss what you never had”. Especially when you have many others things to distract you. I’m biased though. I think it’s TOO BAD.


…and then there is Kin

I have been away for a little while but I am returning. It is a gradual process. During my respite I have found the people I thought myself closest are growing even closer. That is a miraculous thing to experience in This Life. I must admit… This Life is seasoning well! Alhamdulilahi!
One of those one who remains close to me is about to arrive for a visit. I re-blog this post in honor of that occasion.

2 Sides of the Same Coin

As we travel through life we make acquaintances.  Some acquaintances evolve into friendships.  A select few of these friendships develop into kinships.  As we mature, we recognize and cherish these kinships. It is important that we do so.  They will always be with us.  They are our “Companions on The Path.”

Friendship among Companions on The Path is based on the following principles:

  • Material Aid.  Help your companions with the things they need for their development or survival.
  • Personal Support.  If they are sick, visit them; if they are busy, help them; if they have forgotten, remind them.
  • Respect.  Do not complain of their faults to them or to others.  Do not give advice when you know it cannot be acted upon.
  • Praise and Attention. Praise the good qualities of your companions and let them know that you care for them.
  • Forgiveness.  Forgive your companions for their…

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