Onward & Upward…

Right now, I am a little tired from shepherding dreams into reality.  I don’t doubt for a moment that the effort is worth the trouble but I need a respite. There’s not really anyone to carry on the particular tasks if I take a little break. Probably I  don’t even have the energy to try to explain what the job would entail. So what can I do? Continue until I can take break in that place with no space or time. I’ve become very fond of that place.

Thought I was living “the good life”… following “the right path”. I must have done some “not so nice” things along the way because it’s tough on the old boy now.  If what goes around comes around I wish I missed that boat.  Obviously, that wasn’t in The Plan. I wasn’t raised to quit – even though I need the break. You never know about karma. It simply IS!

That’s the deal …that’s life. I live and don’t let go. It’s the bent my nature. …and nature is divine.

Not far from here there will be an exit ramp. I’ll take it.  I’ll go… to that place with no space or time. It will all be fine. I’ll stay there as long as I should. Maybe I’ll take another entrance ramp and …but wait got to go now!  I see my sign approaching.

My journey continues…


and so it goes…




From the Rest

With a Different Look

To a Place of No Space or Time

Available to Many…   but Few Use the Key

New Faces All…   yet No Strangers Here

Sincerely Touched and Understood

Warm Smiles Embraced with Grace

Address Spells Simple


We Dwell in My Heart