IS too…


I have got lost in the city of love,
I am being cleansed, withdrawing myself from my head, hands and feet.
I have got rid of my ego, and have attained my goal.
Thus it has all ended well.
O Bullah, the Lord pervades both the worlds;
None now appears a stranger to me.

By: Bulleh Shah (r.a)

…and The Sojourn Continues

at hand

There is a fire within that helps me clarify, transform, and transition.

Such internal work is tedious and time consuming

but ultimately worthwhile.

One writer described it as a struggle

I don’t feel it this way!

My process is much less dichotomous.

I AM in the midst of navigating serial continua …not extremes. My thinking is not oppositional.

This effort is not about elimination. It is about reconciliation… arriving at new definitions and balance.

The EGO IS being suppressed as The SPIRIT IS being enhanced.

Thus the Emerging Entity IS…


Incha’Allah What I Become.

I realize now that the creation of “2 Sides Same Coin” signaled the beginning of this post-transformational phase.  Looking back, I recognize that I had resided in my cocoon for a long time before the blog emerged.  As the caterpillar is unaware of its butterfly future, I did not know how I would grow or change.  As I evolved through the dissolution and transformation process,  I conceptualized the outcome as That Nothing. I now know that That Nothing was not to be an end.  That Nothing was to be a new beginning.  It presented my essence to a post-transformational stage…


I AM still in-process…

WE ARE getting closer!