edge of a dream

Lately I have been encouraging friends to journey toward the edge of their dreams. The phrase comes to me from an old Minnie Ripperton song, but it has contemporary implications.  We can experience amazing phenomena at the edges of dreams.  These are the places from which we are able to glimpse paradise and conceive new realities. These glimpses present glorious opportunities as we sojourn on The Path.

We’ve discussed “Living the Dream” and considered “Expecting a Miracle.”  Edge of a Dream takes our journey a little further. This phase begins with the yet to be conceived. It can be a little unsettling and we may feel unsteady, but the discomfort is so worthwhile.  This is a Faith Walk that can take us beyond anything that we have ever imagined.

Although we continue to function on this plane, managing our day-to-day issues and taking one step at a time, WE ARE, in fact, advancing into previously uncharted territory.  WE ARE moving on faith…faith in ourselves, faith in what we know, and most importantly faith that WE ARE finely tuned, divinely inspired instruments. As we recognize and analyze life experiences and incorporate Lessons Learned we soon accept that WE ARE ready and our world awaits us.

We have practiced our entire lives for this stage.  The weights that we have worn “in training” can now be removed.  Our personal repertoires now include the skills and expertise that we will need for this leg of the journey. WE ARE equipped!  WE ARE superbly prepared! Believe me.  Believe in yourself.

It is normal to have doubts…cast them off. As obstacles are presented…bypass them. When faced with a chasm …build a bridge. When challenged by an enemy…call a friend. When struggling with uncertainty…rely on faith.  When in need of inspiration…look around and glimpse paradise. It is at hand.

We’ll rest when we need to and advance when we want to.  We can enjoy it all. We’ve not come this far to settle for less. The Edge of a Dream is exhilarating. We are ordinary people empowered to do extraordinary things when we believe, conceive, and proceed.  We each have this capacity. Exert it! Faith in Action takes us beyond.

I have been taught that we are “never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true.” Once that wish is clarified we are divinely equipped to realize it if we work for it.

Looking forward to visiting at the next reflecting pond.

Take a few minutes to enjoy Minnie Ripperton’s The Edge of a Dream


Simply Savoring Simplicity – a work in progress…

Far too often I am confronted by people who have chosen to DO LIFE rather than LIVE LIFE.  Doing Life is popular in these times of multitasking and bottom line analysis. Staying on top of everything is the alleged goal. Getting there fast is important because you have to leave soon for the next destination. Many tell me this is how it must be done. The TV advertisements remind them  to “JUST DO IT.”

I prefer LIVING LIFE, in fact savoring it.  My world is built for comfort…not for speed.  I live in a place that enjoys a 12-month growing season so usually what is not done today can be accomplished tomorrow.  Breaks are routinely taken throughout the day for prayer and meditation. Our family always makes the time to eat meals together. When I meet you and  ask, “How are you today?” I really want to know.  It’s not just a courtesy.  You can drop by for a visit unannounced. If you’re hungry you can eat. If you’re sleepy you can sleep. We don’t have a great deal but you are always welcome to share it. LIVING LIFE this way is simple and humane.

But I clearly recall when I was DOING LIFE.

It was a RAT RACE


I was allegedly upwardly mobile. There was always another ladder to climb but no time to really assess where it would take me. Although focused on Doing Good Things I believed I had to get to the top to achieve them.  “The top of what?” was not considered a legitimate question.  Upon arrival, time was of the essence because there was always the next ladder to scale – a new challenge.  Among my fellow climbers, I was lauded for demonstrating leadership, commitment, intelligence, and success.

As Nelson Mandela reminds us, “After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.”  I was always climbing until the day I stopped, looked around…and started ASCENDING! A series of events (referred to in previous posts) helped alter my perspective. I began developing an appreciation for all those things I had crawled over while climbing to the top. I recognized that the important view had nothing to do with being at the top of anything – it was really about what was within.  That was when I began LIVING LIFE. I continue to do so.

I still face challenges and have great expectations but I maintain a pace that allows me to cherish the successes, contemplate the set-backs, and prepare for the restarts. I relish the experiences.  It feels pretty good. I AM living the good life.  As a young man that was my aspiration but I realize now that my definition was murky.  Now that it’s clarified, I proceed in relative peace. Granted, it’s taken a while – almost a lifetime – to get here, but it’s not over yet. According to one of my teachers,

“Here is a test to find whether your mission on earth is finished:  If you’re alive it isn’t.”

I mention this today because I want you to know.  I prefer LIVING LIFE.  It is sometimes bitter but more often sweet. In either case, I now have and take the time to savor it. I Am a simple man who is now a seasoned connoisseur.


a few days early but never too late

Everyone knows a Mother.

Everywhere knows a Smile.

Take a Few Minutes

To Think of a Mother and Smile.

A Simple Gesture

A Universal Gift

Love and Honor our Earth Mothers

Honor and Love our Mother Earth

in tribute to each of our mothers…