A Passing Friend

I live right on the ocean

where many birds fly pass.

A swift one caught my attention

at first I did not know why.

I thought I could recognize

that it seemed to be at home.

As it dove past my shoulder

I caught more than a glimpse.

It was the Sweet Bird of Youth

and I realized that knew.

It continued flying to and fro.

It did not seem to leave.

A course was taken toward the sea but never far from me.

I know this bird. It’s been a friend.

Why does it fly so fast? I wonder where it goes?

It only moves where it is going.

I only know where it has been.

Sweet Bird of Youth!

You’re here today and gone in a moment.

I Live Now and In That Moment!


Each Day as I Get Old.


Intro to Side One

I decided to re-read some of my posts today. Ended up reading this one – my very first. Provides food for thought…

2 Sides of the Same Coin

After spending most of my adult life in the U.S., I returned to live in Senegal. This is a little bit about the experience.

It is probably best to paint this picture anecdotally. I live in the Village of Camberene II in Dakar, Senegal. It’s a relatively simple place in an ordinary Senegalese neighborhood on the Atlantic Ocean. I am intentionally located away from tourists and the “U.S. expatriate enclave.” My area has all of the pluses and minuses of beach living. It has great sea breezes that cool the house while corroding the autos and appliances. It has the natural background music of the ocean and picturesque sunsets. Surfaces don’t hold paint well because of the moisture which also helps things grow – tropical plants as well as fungi. There is no winter here so there is no such thing as a heating bill. With a 12 month growing…

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A View from This Side

…sometimes it’s not so easy, especially when your only friend talks, looks, sees, and feels like you and you do the same just like him. – from”My Friend” by Jimi Hendrix


I recently returned from my visit to the other side. Overall it was pleasant but I saw something that wasn’t so good. No matter how hard you try you are really alone. No one has the time for any one else. You must make an appointment to visit a friend. It always a rush to get to the next point so that you can rush to that which follows. No one can keep up with you because no one knows where you going. No one but you has time to be concerned. Lifestyle can inhibit you doing so.

But people on that side have many things. Many cars, many televisions, many jobs, etc. Some have many homes, many titles, many goals, etc. They often have many problems and many ways to escape them.

Like people on this side they only have one life and they must live it well.

So why am I back on this side? Life here is simple though it is not easy. It’s a struggle each day just to make ends meet. I don’t have many of anything. Many is too hard to manage. Much of nothing is hard to contain.

I look at my glass and it is half full. I remember the days when it was half empty. The greedy man can never have enough. I have plenty. My life is filled with others yet I know I take my last breath alone.


This life is precious. Each breath must be cherished. Despite perceived problems we are thankful for each day.  We learn to focus on the good and disregard the bad. It’s only a question of what we choose to view. Take it all in and be selective.

Remember, we always have a choice.

Taking Another Step


Taking a trip to the other side.

Have been away so long.

Apprehension is irrationally real.

Can’t sleep at night because.

The world has changed but so have I.

How will we relate?


First step always most daunting.

Life is the Ultimate Journey.

That Journey is the Life.

Unknown destinations.

Naming roads as traveled.

Course be illusively clear.

 Earth boy - Africa

Many friends say “Come on”.

They do not see my fears.

Small number say “Stay put.”

Uncomfortable with the not well known

Unsettled all the time.


Both options fraught with sense of

Never have been risk averse.

Will venture forward sight unseen.

To face a future’s dream.


Last night it was a nightmare.

Now it’s just a choice.

A firmly based commitment.

To my known self and others.


Folk on both sides raise some issues

and believe they speak the truth.

They do not know the questions

That shape the facts for me.


spiral design


To dive in into a deep dark well.

May be leaping towards to clouds.

Will place me safely in a sunny place

Because the Son always shines.


Bass Player

I know on this I must reflect

Not worry about unknown.

Acknowledge who on all is based.

Say “Thank You” …and move on.



No bandwagon travels this route.

This sojourn is your own.

Sea breezes refresh yet sand trails blow about.

The elliptical helix lays a course.Night_Spirograph_by_Colliemom

Few will taste but all who partake savor.

Many called choose no response.

Others claim vicarious sightings while experiential cataract diminishes their view.

Vultures are awaiting sightless prey.


What is your plight?

You need to know.

It will come to pass but may not stop.

Your actions refine your destiny.


Be on your path and see for self.

Your eyes are yours.

Someone else may not see…

Your Life! Your Love! Your Victory!

The Spiritual Path

Cherish your reals… then appreciate those of others’.

Be true to yourself for falsehoods soon fade.

The Divine is The Constant, your life is It’s agent.

There are no mistakes.

Only lessons lived through learning.


The road is made by traveling it.

Intentions become clear.

You are the judge and must test the jury.

You are who you are and the Star of Your Show.

Remember that you did not write the script.

Take a moment to Acknowledge the AUTHOR.


Continue Your Journey.

Worry not of complications.

Divinely led steps are sure, no matter how they feel.

Travel with confidence…that you’re on the Right Track!

Convergent Circularity


“I wish I was who I was when I wished I was who I am”

40 years ago a friend had this phrase posted on the inside of her front door. I have remembered her and it ever since even though I have no idea where she is today nor spoken to her in decades.

This morning I awoke with the Jimi Hendrix version of All Along the Watchtower running through my mind. It, like my friend’s door quote, induced reflection. Remembering the past is pleasant for me but I cherish today and don’t long for its predecessors. I remind myself to appreciate who I AM right now and that I AM a compilation of past experiences, present endeavors, and current aspirations. I recognize that it all may change by tomorrow. So what do I do?

I maintain my fighting posture… It allows me to embrace what I am presented with that appeals to me and repel what approaches me that is distasteful. It allows me to move through LIFE!

fighting stance

Do not think that this posture presents a “joy ride”. It is solitary which can become lonely. It is solemn which can become sad. It is deliberate which can become burdensome. But it is LIBERATING because it is my Divinely Inspired Journey on The Path. I recognize that I AM the star of my show and I acknowledge that I do not write the script. Throughout this journey I AM sustained by MOMENTS of BLISS and OUNCES of FAITH!

A blog post such as this emerges with they coincide. I continue the sojourn and I AM THANKFUL!

Be Here …Be Happy


Just want to say “Hi”.

We are approaching the threshold of another year. Let’s take a moment to GIVE THANKS & BE HAPPY! Sure, we’ve faced adversities but we have also been showered in blessings. We are older today than we have ever been while at the same time we are younger than we will ever be. This LIFE IS NOW! We must remind ourselves to ENJOY IT. Yesterday was… Tomorrow may be … TODAY IS!

The Best Way to Prepare for Tomorrow is to


Anticipate a GLORIOUS New Year!


Just saying “Hi”.

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